Hospitality Internships Advisory Committees is proud to have two advisory committees. One consists of a group of experienced and influential hospitality business leaders (coming in June 2024), and the other comprised of hospitality educators. Both advisory committees are stakeholders who help us ensure that we are connecting today's hospitality talent with available internships and leadership opportunities that exist in the hospitality industry around the globe. We are honored to have these knowledgeable/experienced partners.


Academic Advisory Committee

Bukky Abdul, MS | University of Tennessee-Knoxville (United States)

Abena Aidoo Hewton, Ph.D. | George Mason University (United States)

Heidi Anaya, CHBA | Russell Partnership Technology (United States)

Suzanne Bagnera, Ph.D. | Florida International University (United States)

Watson Baldwin, CCE, LLM, DHTM | Kansai Gadai University (Japan)

Adriana Bañez Napoli, MS | Universidad Católica Andrés Bello (Venezuela)

Shivam Bhartiya, Ph.D. |Jain University (India)

Eleanor Brillo, MST, DES, CHBA | Arizona State University (United States)

Nicole Buse, Ph.D. | Indiana University of Pennsylvania (United States)

Gürkan Çalışkan. Ph.D. | Kastamonu University (Türkiye)

Mats Carlsback, Ph.D. | Örebro University (Sweden)

Ethan Cheng, Ph.D. | Western Carolina University (United States)

Angela Chu, Ph.D. | Edinburg Napier University (Scotland)

Christina Cleaver, Ph.D. | Temple University (United States)

Noel Criscione-Naylor, Ph.D. | Stockton University (United States)

Teresina Davie, MS | Front Range Community College (United States)

Tevfik Demiriciftci, Ph.D. |Colorado Mesa University (United States)

Seden Dogan, Ph.D. | University of South Florida (United States)

Emmanual Gamor, Ph.D. | Koforidua Technical University (Ghana)

Arlene Garrick, CHE, CHRL | Conestoga College (Canada) Arlene Garrick, CHE, CHRL | Conestoga College (Canada)

Susan Hendee, Ph.D. | CulACon (United States)

Horace Hutchinson, Ph.D. | Virginia State University (United States)

Eun Min Hwang, Ph.D. | University of South Alabama (United States)

Dipra Jha, Ph.D. | Washington State University (United States)

Catherine Johnson, Ph.D. | Florida Gulf Coast University (United States)

Nicholas Johnston, Ph.D. | University of Arkansas (United States)

David Jones, Ph.D. | Insights on Internships Podcast & Innovative Internship Coaching (United States)

Usman Khan, MS | University of South Florida (United States)

Hyunsu Kim, Ph.D. | California State University – Fullerton (United States)

Tony Kim, Ph.D. | James Madison University (United States)

Miranda Kitterlin-Lynch, Ph.D. | Florida International University (United States)

Bonhak (Bon) Koo, Ph.D. |Texas Tech University (United States)

Marketa Kubickova, Ph.D. | University of South Carolina (United States)

Joan Kunzman, MS | University of Nebraska-Lincoln (United States)

Milena Kuznin, Ph.D. | Rochester Institute of Technology – Croatia (Croatia)

Linchi Kwok, Ph.D. | California State Polytechnic University – Pomona (United States)

Karima Lanfranco, Ph.D. | Lynn University (United States)

Ann Lara, Ed.D. | California State University-San Bernardino (United States)

Mary Beth Leone, CHA | College of DuPage (United States)

Daniel Leung, Ph.D. | School of Hotel and Tourism Management, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Hong Kong) 

Heather Lewis, Ph.D. | Troy University (United States)

Rita Maldonado, MS | Valencia College (United States)

Marissa Orlowski, Ph.D. | MV Hospitality Solutions (United States)

Thomas Padron, Ph.D. | California State University – East Bay (United States)

Justin Pang, Ph.D. | Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University (Vietnam)

Krystal Peters, Ed.D. | Cheyney University (United States)

Robert Powell, MS | University of Arkansas (United States)

Kate Price-Howard, Ph.D. | Troy University (United States)

Craig Rapp, Ph.D. | Valencia College (United States)

Peter Ricci, Ph.D. |Florida Atlantic University (United States)

Valerie Salter, Ph.D. | Northwestern State University (United States)

Eulanda Sanders, Ph.D. | Iowa State University (United States)

Timothy Self, Ph.D. | Austin Peay State University (United States)

Allyson Shrimper-Minor, MS, CMP | Miami University (United States)

Fang Shu, Ph.D. | Florida International University (United States)

Stacey Smith, Ph.D. | Fort Hays State University (United States)

Christopher Torrance, Ph.D. | Savannah State University (United States)

Frank Tsai, Ph.D. | Slippery Rock University (United States)

Scott Vann, Ed.D. | University of Memphis (United States)

Elizabeth Whalen, Ph.D. | Middle Tennessee State University (United States)

Richard Whitfield, Ph.D. | East-West Institute for Advanced Studies (Australia)

Andrew Whitson, MA | People First Consulting (United States)

Jessica Wiitala, Ph.D. | High Point University (United States)

James Williams, Ph.D. | University of Tennessee – Knoxville (United States)

Alan Yen, Ph.D. | Ball State University (United States)